The text and the case study of this message are taken from the life of Joseph in the book of Genesis 39:6-12


Genesis 39:6-12 New King James Version (NKJV)
6 Thus he left all that he had in Joseph’s [a]hand, and he did not know what he had except for the bread which he ate.
Now Joseph was handsome in form and appearance.
7 And it came to pass after these things that his master’s wife cast longing eyes on Joseph, and she said, “Lie with me.”
8 But he refused and said to his master’s wife, “Look, my master does not know what is with me in the house, and he has committed all that he has to my hand. 9 There is no one greater in this house than I, nor has he kept back anything from me but you, because you are his wife. How then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?”
10 So it was, as she spoke to Joseph day by day, that he did not heed her, to lie with her or to be with her.
11 But it happened about this time, when Joseph went into the house to do his work, and none of the men of the house was inside, 12 that she caught him by his garment, saying, “Lie with me.” But he left his garment in her hand, and fled and ran outside.”

The scenarios in the above passage took place in a closet (secret) where no one would have known whatever that might have transpired between Brother Joseph and Mrs. Potiphar. This compiled dramas and episodes didn’t concluded in just one day, but it was a progressive luring, in the same way sin would not be committed by a sinner in an instant. The book of James 1:15 says, “going against the law of the Lord always begin progressively somewhere along the line, and if a child of God whom much is given unto in such dilemma refused to decode the situation confronting him properly to dissect and to put an end to the gateway of sin instantly, may end up in regret and death. Every sin started with what we see, hear, smell or touch, any of these strands has ability to lead any man to hellfire (Genesis 3:6; 1John 2:16). When lust (wrong fleshy desires, it is not only sex) is conceived, if that thought in the heart is not instantly aborted and blocked, but if allowed to be nurtured in your heart, it will eventually bring forth death.
As human, we may not have control over what crosses our thoughts, but as a Prince in the courtyard of the Kingdom of God, we do not want the commoners to stain our garments. So, we must understand how to select the food we eat, set boundaries, and kill sin from the root, meaning we must know how to turn some things down. Daniel rejected king’s food that could corrupt his call (Daniel 1: 8); it may not totally be our fault when sin knocks on our door, but our responsibility to tackle it and our fault if we welcome and allows it to entertain us to the extent where we begin to participate as we give our attention to it. God advised Cain in Genesis 4:7 to abort and to overcome the underlying of his thoughts, yet he allowed it to germinate and grow. The result was fatal.

King David committed the first sin by refusing to join in going to warfront with other kings (as the New Testament believer go about without spiritual engagements, prayer, bible study, fasting speaking in tongues, etc. Colossians 3:1-10). And as if that was not enough for him, he became more relaxed and insensitive (other children of God are in battlefront), he went to relax on the roof of the king’s palace to spend his precious time (to watch Netflix, African magic and to see the last episode of Paloma) and he saw what disturbed his nature. “One evening David got up from his couch and was walking on the (flat) roof of the king’s palace, and from there he saw a woman bathing; and she was very beautiful in appearance (2Samuel 11:2).
Rooftop can be the height of mental perceptions, it signifies a place of carnal glory where men falls flattened before the things of sensuality because you are using you carnal mind to envisage/analyze situation. It is a place of human pride and muscle flexing. It is an example place like meeting God on His Altar, rooftop is also an altar where flesh and satan meets together, but flesh cannot prevail because it is satanic territory. Rooftop is a place where man do not carry God along over decisions because you are using your own understanding. The scripture encourages us in Pro. 3:5-6 “to trust and rely confidently on the Lord with all our heart, and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. In all your ways know and acknowledge and recognize Him, and He will make (there is benefits in relying on Him) your paths straight and smooth (removing obstacles that blocks).”
Remember it was on rooftop King Nebu in Daniel 4: 28-32 finally got judgment “All this happened to Nebuchadnezzar the king. 29Twelve months later he was walking on the upper level of the royal palace of Babylon (and thoughts began to play games in his mind) 30The king said thoughtfully, “is not this the great Babylon which I myself have built as the royal residence and seat of my power and for the honor and glory of my majesty?” 31While the words were still in the king’s mouth, a voice came (as if falling) from heaven, saying, ‘O King Nebuchadnezzar, to you it is declared: “The kingdom has been removed from you, 32and you will be driven away from mankind, and your dwelling place will be with the animals of the field. You will be given grass to eat like the cattle, and seven periods of time will pass over you until you know (without any doubt) that the Most High God rules over the kingdom of mankind and He bestows it on whomever He desires.”
For us to understand that rooftops is the turf of satan, he also took the Son of God to the rooftop. The lesson here is for Christian to be sober always, be diligent in the things of the Spirit, and desist from following satan about, DO NOT FOLLOW SATAN TO THE ROOFTOP, YOU CANNOT WIN THE BATTLE THERE. So, after the temptation of turning stone to bread, the next two temptations took place on rooftops (high Mountain and pinnacle (highest point) of the temple in Luke 4: 1-13.

Now, let go back to Joseph, our star in this article who had no Holy Spirit taken permanent residence in him, but knew something majority of Christians today do not know or know, but chooses to ignore.
The scripture says Joseph made a profound statement in Genesis 39: 9 …”How then could I have done this great evil and sin against God.” Joseph brought his God into human matter because he does not intend to rely upon his own understanding but upon God. He brought his God into the matter because he believe God would know about the act if he committed it.

When Joseph was at home with his father, Jacob, he heard oral story of his grandfather, Abraham and the God called Jehovah from his father. How this God was different from the gods of the heathens. He heard that the gods of the heathens are no God but mere works of men (Psalms 96:5; 1Corinthians 10:20; Exodus 31:4; Isaiah 44:9-20; Isaiah 40:22), and the people that serves them are like them, having mouth but cannot talk, eyes but cannot see.
9 How foolish are those who manufacture idols. These prized objects are really worthless. The people who worship idols don’t know this, so they are all put to shame.
10 Who but a fool would make his own god— an idol that cannot help him one bit?
11 All who worship idols will be disgraced along with all these craftsmen—mere humans— who claim they can make a god. They may all stand together, but they will stand in terror and shame.
12 The blacksmith stands at his forge to make a sharp tool, pounding and shaping it with all his might. His work makes him hungry and weak. It makes him thirsty and faint.
13 Then the wood-carver measures a block of wood and draws a pattern on it. He works with chisel and plane and carves it into a human figure. He gives it human beauty and puts it in a little shrine.
14 He cuts down cedars; he selects the cypress and the oak; he plants the pine in the forest to be nourished by the rain.
15 Then he uses part of the wood to make a fire. With it he warms himself and bakes his bread. Then—yes, it’s true—he takes the rest of it and makes himself a god to worship! He makes an idol and bows down in front of it!
16 He burns part of the tree to roast his meat and to keep himself warm. He says, “Ah, that fire feels good.”
17 Then he takes what’s left and makes his god: a carved idol! He falls down in front of it, worshiping and praying to it. “Rescue me!” he says. “You are my god!”
18 Such stupidity and ignorance! Their eyes are closed, and they cannot see. Their minds are shut, and they cannot think.
19 The person who made the idol never stops to reflect, “Why, it’s just a block of wood! I burned half of it for heat and used it to bake my bread and roast my meat. How can the rest of it be a god? Should I bow down to worship a piece of wood?”
20 The poor, deluded fool feeds on ashes. He trusts something that can’t help him at all. Yet he cannot bring himself to ask, “Is this idol that I’m holding in my hand a lie?” (Isaiah 44:9-20).

Joseph heard that Jehovah, the God of his fathers sees to the ends of the earth (Job 28:24; Amos 9:3). The psalmist in Ps. 139: 2-18 talks about everlasting binoculars of Jehovah, how deep and vast He captures men and things through His eyes.
Hagar, the slave of Sarah came to realize that even an infinitesimal like herself couldn’t be hidden from the sight of God, and she affection-ally called Him Jehovah Rohi “God Who Sees (Genesis 16:13).
Brother Jonah thought he was too smart for Divinity, but the binocular of Jehovah captured him in the ship while on the run to Tarshish, and in the belly of a Whale (Jonah 1 & 2).
It is not a cat and rat race affairs where God will be chasing after His creatures, disobedience of man cannot be hidden from the Almighty God (2Chr. 16:9), and for the fact that God asked Adam where he was does not mean God didn’t know where Adam was hiding (Genesis 3:9), but because the Father nature of God only wanted the sinner to come out clean by himself to approach the Throne of mercy and tell Him with his own mouth how he had waywardly lived his life like the prodigal son (Luke 15: 18-24).
So, Joseph knew he would be busted because he learn all the Truth about God that God has eyes and feared Him; this was Joseph who had no Holy Spirit resided within him like the New Testament believers who enjoys taking the grace of God given to him for granted to destroy himself by indulging in secret sins.
Romans 12:1-2 encourages us to stay away from besetting sin. 1Cor.6:18 says do not wait to speak in tongues when confronted by sin of immorality, but FLEE. FLEE from the gateways of what you see, hear, touch and feels. Turn down evil as Joseph did. Come out of the gangs of groupes. The temple of God must not be desecrated (1Cor.3:16). When we are conscious of His Presence around us that His eyes are upon us as Hebrews 4:13 says, “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to Whom we must give account.” We will fear Him in love and keep safe.
Now, let us all together use this season of remembering the Death of Christ on Calvary to return to the foot of the Cross for reconciliation, cleansing, renewal, and restoration that we may shine the light of the Gospel to our generation (Matthew 5:16).

Remember no beginner receives reward but he who Overcomes (Revelation 3:21; 2:11; 21:8; 21:1; 2:17; 2:26-28; 20:6; 3:5; 19:8; 3:12)

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