Happy Sunday to everyone out there!

Don’t run away from God.

There is one God who created us and loves us. Adam and Eve were the first creation of God (Genesis 2), they were given a commandment and also authority to own the earth in lieu of God. But they betrayed God to satan who deceived them (Genesis 3), and they gave the authority to the earth to satan (Like 4:6). Due to this development, man became an enemy to God because they sinned (Genesis 3:24; James 4:4). Man also became satan’s slave because they had sold their right to possess the earth to satan: and now, satan is in charge. Because God is a just God, who cannot overturn what they (the man who God out in charge of the earth) did, but he is the Almighty God who hates sin but loves sinner. To recaptured the earth back, the penalty of the sin they committed must be fully served, and to sets the helpless man free from the bondage of sin and the devil, God sent many prophets, but laws could not help man to be Holy enough to meets God’s standard. So, Man became helpless. the practicality of Adamic sin can be seen in children, before the child could learn much in life, you will notice Adamic nature in the child. The child, without being taught will begin to lie, pretends, steal and do many vices.

Man Need A Savior

It is in the fallen Man’ Blood (DNA), this is why the world is full of violence and wickedness, and such nature cannot inherit the Kingdom of God (Revelation 21:8). Remember satan has been an enemy of God due to rebellion (Revelation 12:7-9) before God created man, and hellfire has been prepared for him. satan planned not to go to hellfire alone but to drag everything God created along. What God did for the Love He loves us was to come down through human race to satisfy the judgement of sin. He came through a sinless conception (Luke 1:27-35), He lived by the power of the Spirit of God righteous life and was nailed to the Cross, He died and was buried. During the time He was buried He went into hell, where satan resides and took back the authority Adam lost to satan and He Rose from the dead. He ascended bodily into Heaven and enthroned at the right hand of Majesty and Man became free, but individual freedom depend solely on your belief (John 1:11-12). If kidnapper takes people captive, and someone came to liberate them from the camp of the kidnappers. It is only those who believe in the liberator and follow him that will be saved. If you do not follow the liberator out, you will still remain behind in the camp of the enemy. On the day of judgement, all men are doomed to hell due to Adamic son (Romans 3:23), but Jesus Christ will rise up and say, Father, I have saved these ones because they believe in Me and those ones will enter into life everlasting (Romans 3:24-26). Those who do not believe will be damned. It is only one God but the sin of Adam will not allow anyone to see God if you are not washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ. Everything is not stopping here in earth, the scripture says it has been appointed into man to die once, and proceeded to judgement (Hebrews 9:27), but God loves Man to have planned way of escape from judgement through Jesus Christ who paid the penalty of sin John 3:16. So that Man can enjoy LIFE UNENDING IN CHRIST (Revelation 21:4)!

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s day

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