“For certain men have crept in unnoticed, who long ago were marked out for this condemnation, ungodly men, who turn the grace of our God into lewdness and deny the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ.” Jude 1:4 NKJV

You would ask, why would anyone leave his/her home to go to a place they would be subjected to debasement without any resistant or protest from them? Desperation! The Lord Jesus Christ did not mince His Words, but was blunt, plain-spoken and straightforward  when He warned us to Beware of the end time impostors. Yet, It is so sad to read and see how innocent people are losing gifts, talents, lives and destinies to these hell bent, false teachers and false prophets in this end time.
These predators called false prophets and prophetesses are only having a breakthrough at the innocent’s breakdown. They advertises you daily on the National and International Television in the name of projecting testimonies for profiteering, cheap fame and merchandising. Yet, you cannot discern, you cannot see beyond them because you are under their manipulation, brainwashing, and enchantment. Break free!
Unfortunately in the News today, there was a sad report of how the entire Congregation of Mount Zion General Assembly  in South Africa had went out of where it supposed to be called a church to their homes with heads down after a failed demonstration of power by their church magician pastor. The unfortunate incident played out when a girl fainted after he put a very big and heavy speaker on top of her, promising her that she would not feel pain. The woman has now died from internal injuries caused to her lungs.
The pastor and founder of Mount Zion General Assembly, South Africa, Pastor Lethebo Rabalango had organized a night of worship at his ‘church’ in Polokwane where he was teaching about demonstration of power in which he emphasized that if Jesus walked on water, he too could do anything with faith.
It is on this point that he invited a girl from the praise team and asked her to lie down. He then ordered Ushers to carry a big speaker and put on her stomach saying the weight would not harm her.

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As if it was not enough, Rabalango also climbed on top of the speaker, adding pressure to suffocate the girl who reports say remained quite as she had already passed out.

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Heavy speaker and the pastor on top of the girl

After seating on top of the speaker which was still on the girl’s stomach for close 5 minutes, he got up and ordered removal of the speaker, but the girl could not rise because she had fainted. It took some elders giving her first aid treatment that she came back but complained of a broken rib. The she was then taken to hospital where she died.
The pastor was said to have blamed the girl and accused her of having little faith for she could not withstand a task he referred to as simple.
In the same way we have seen several indecent exposure of women nakedness in the supposed church of Jesus Christ, where occultist, impostors, satanist have taken over the pulpit. A pseudo pastor was in the news feeding his naïve congregations with stones, rocks, snakes, petrol, excreta. It is pathetically depressing seeing a man, created in the image and in the likeness of God being reduced to mere robots because they seek for help.

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Can these demonstration said to be the presence of God? It amuses me whenever I see these end time ministers daily on the Television, inviting the desperadoes, naïve and the gullible, who are in need of immediate microwave miracles to their shrines (not church), and many had through this contact or encounter been initiated into occultism. What can one say about a so called pastor who insisted that grown ups women, men stripped naked for prayers at unholy places? These are occult initiation, they have been using you in your sleep and dreams to carry out assignment for them. Many people have been wounded spiritually, and many souls have been traded and trapped in the dark world for these singular participation.
There is an image of a church member licking the pastor’s boots and one of the pastor jumping on members of congregation. For human dignity sake, there are some pictures I censored out. To cry out loud, stay away from these imposters.

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In a caption for the image of the pastor jumping on members, it is implied the congregants felt no pain as God is with them.

I remember one time in the synagogue, ‘church’ of all nations Ikotun Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria, when microwave pregnancies was the in-thing; it was distributed to All and sundry that could not wait on the Lord, but prefer to sought the face of a man for an urgent miracles. It is better to wait on God, than to waste in the hands of satanist. People were constantly used for TV programs advertisement on weekly basis as bait to lure more people into the synagogue. Ask yourself if Jesus was into shows while on earth.
Those women suffered agonies and shame, because 10 years afterwards; some of them were still pushing protruded bellies of mysterious pregnancies around. Some died, some were operated upon, and smelly water was drained out of their bellies. It got to a certain time after tbJoshua had finished deceiving them that, the numerous seemingly pregnant victims became an eye sore and shame even to the synagogue itself. Tbjoshua who gave them the evil/phantom pregnancies, later positioned security men and his ‘disciples’ outside his gate to turn anyone with longtime big belly away from entering into his synagogue because that bamboozled ‘miracle’ segment had become obsolete. An advanced deception has been discovered by Joshua. It is SHAME UNTO SATAN and all its agents. Today, it is a segment of anointed water which they call blood of Jesus, and pictures of Joshua that people must buy, and use as a magic wand to sort out their problems. JESUS IS COMING SOON; REPENT!
When Jesus healed and delivered you according to the scriptures, He did not put you up to a show of shame, or advertised your past on the National Television, or, on the Terrestrial broadcast; as they ridicle people today in their so called churches. Rather, He Himself took our position of shame, He was stripped naked for us to be covered. THE SCRIPTURE SAYS, when He hung on the Cross, for you and I, His appearance was so disfigured, He could not be identified if He was a man or a woman, because His form was so marred beyond recognition (ISAIAH 52:14). Now, if Christ did all these for us, why are we still subjecting ourselves to the hirelings, who do not know our worth, but they ridicule you, by displaying you on advertisement of shame. A mere mortal like you, because you need help or healing? The Book of GALATIANS 5:1 SAYS, “Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.
I so wish these people will stop deceiving you, I so wish also, you will stop deceiving yourself by trusting only in God to have Peace of mind in God.

Freely give!

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