“But now, thus says the LORD, your Creator…”Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine!” (Isaiah 43:1- NASB.) Words hurt. Words heal. Words can bring either condemnation or commendation. Words are powerful. Words can create and words  can destroy.
You can counter  and nullify the efficacy of negative words with the Word of GOD. Creation came into existence by the Spoken Word of GOD, therefore everything in existence is subject to the WORD of GOD that brought it into existence. I pity people who are being tortured by those who throw their past at them. You have to see yourself from a Divine perspective. You are GOD’s own special creation. Affirm GOD’s Words and stop your mind from repeating those negative words.
Why do you allow the hate-filled words of your loved ones hurt you so much? Don’t you realize that the devil who is the accuser of the brethren is only speaking through them?
You can get past that place if you remember that only GOD has the final say about your life. The opinion of haters doesn’t matter. Deal with such hateful words in spiritual warfare. Counter their words with the Word of GOD.
Command the voices of accusation to stop immediately. Then go ahead and continue to affirm what GOD’s Word say about you. Keep talking about your new reality in CHRIST until it becomes ingrained in your beliefs system and transform the world around you. So that it would no longer cut your heart when the ignorant friends or relatives darken counsel with words without wisdom.
I affirm that the Spirit of God is guiding me in the path of life and leading me in the way of supernatural success and permanent prosperity.  My way is prosperous and consistent for I experience good success in accordance with GOD’s Word. I meditate on the Word of GOD and speak it forth with boldness daily. Hallelujah!
As CHRIST is, so am I in this world. I function from the standpoint of advantage, victory, dominion, and power, because I’m born of God and conscious of HIS life and nature in me. I’m guided and propelled by His divine wisdom to do His will, and fulfil my destiny in Christ…Glory to God!
I affirm that I’m born again! Christ is my life, and He’s the environment in which I dwell; therefore, I’m forever safe, secure and protected to live triumphantly always!
My life is the testimony of the grace and wisdom of God, who causes all things to work together for my good! I have victory in His Name! Halleluiah!
I’m a partaker of the divine nature and the Holy Spirit lives and works in me, with His miracle-working abilities!
I’m effective, efficient, and excellent in all that I do through the power of the Holy Spirit. I can do all things by His ability that works within me! Hallelujah!
I have the capacity to show care, and be diligent in all my duties and responsibilities. I’m full of wisdom, and continually receive thoughts and ideas from the Spirit that put me over, and give me the advantage always. I’m made for life and set up for honour, greatness and prosperity.
HE has girded my feet with strength and I walk over high place. I am established as praise upon the earth.  The place of my shame is become the place of praise and exaltation. I affirm that regrets have converted to progressions. I move swiftly on the wings of the angel to accomplish Divine counsels. In my path there’s so much joy and noise of victories…Glory to God.

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