Fruits of The Spirit

Galatians 5:16-26

Fruits of The Spirit

As believers, we all want the fruit of the Spirit , but how can we know if we truly have it? Even unbelievers can display these qualities when conditions are positive. This nine-fold fruit of the Spirit is not what we do, but who we are, and it is primarily on display in Christians when circumstances are unfavorable. Two characteristics help us recognize these traits in our lives.
Fruitful believers are not controlled by their environment, or positive or negative circumstances. Everyone experiences trials and pain, but those who are filled with the Spirit do not lose His fruit because of their situations. They keep their joy even when difficulties overwhelm. If someone speaks harshly, they respond with kindness. Because the Holy Spirit is in control, He is free to produce His fruit no matter what the circumstances are. Even though such believers may feel pain, anger, or a desire for revenge, they choose to trust the Lord to protect them and direct the outcome.
Fruitful Christians recover quickly after a fall. These believers are not perfect, but they are sensitive to the Spirit’s conviction and are quick to return to the Lord in repentance. In fact, they are actually grateful for the correction and praise God, not only for revealing their weakness but also for drawing them back to obedience.
No one produces these amazing qualities in himself except with the help of the Holy Spirit; trying harder to be godly will never work. Jesus Christ never tried to be good, He was simply good. Character transformation occurs when we submit to God, giving Him complete control of our lives. Only then will the Spirit be free to produce fruit that remains even in the deepest, darkest storms.

In botany, fruit is the seed-bearing structure in angiosperms which formed from the ovary after flowering. Fruits are the means by which plants disseminate seeds. A fruit often exposes its origin no matter how a product is being branded and packaged; the fruits are the pointer to where it emanates from. All different trees bear the same kind of fruit of the seed they came from, for example: an orange tree will bear oranges, not apples. Fruit is a natural production of the source it connects to. Fruit comes out naturally, you will never see a tree sweating to produce its fruit. It comes out in its season at various degrees.
Spiritually, for the benefit of Children of God, fruit is the work of the Holy Spirit in a believer in Christ Jesus’ life, showing the change, which Christ has made. The outward has to understand the new inward life, and that is in relation to a genuine doctrine. The tree which is the believer, must have Christ as its source (Root) for the Holy Spirit to be at work in such life. This means, such life must have the real Jesus Christ to be able to have the real fruit; according to JOHN 15:4-8, which says, Christ is our lifeline, His teachings and His person. The Holy Spirit will always point to Jesus not to Himself or to another man in our lives (JOHN 16:12-14), and as we abide in His Word (in Him), the Holy Spirit will brood upon us in order to produce the fruit of the Spirit in the life of the believer. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, life of Christ comes out naturally in us; we do not strain to produce it. Our position is to Abide in Him; His promise is that He will produce His life in us (JOHN 15:5-8).

Anyone with false doctrine like in the Cult circle does not have true fruit. They cannot have good/true fruit because they are not abiding in Christ’s Word or Spirit. They depend solely on their ‘seemingly good works,’ for, or to maintain what they do. They do not teach from the Bible, but their prophecies and revelations come forth in other men’s Books. If you go for such works (art) in the name of seeking knowledge, or miracles, you have simply dined on satan’s table.

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