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Allow the Holy Spirit to eradicate these bad attitudes from your person.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Like the goldsmith purging dross through fire out of a raw gold to achieve beauty and perfection, God, through His Spirit of Holiness works on His yielding Children, sometimes with a shovel and a pickax, and other times with a bulldozer and dynamite. Holy Spirit, our great refiner, never stops stepping on our toes, confronting our sin and exposing our stinking attitudes.
He does this not to shame us or torture us, but to conform us to the image and the likeness of Jesus which Adam lost in the garden of Eden. This grueling process is what the Bible calls “sanctification”—a big, theological word that simply means God is serious about burning the junk out of our heart so that we can reflect His divine nature. He doesn’t mind putting us through the fire because He knows the happy ending. Sanctification can be painful, but the result is, according to the author of Hebrews, the “peaceful fruit of righteousness” Hebrews 12:11.
Though I have not reach perfection, but looking back today, I remember for many years I struggled with a whole lot of character issues which are not known to others, but by and by as I yield, the Spirit of God prevailed upon me and I surrender to His constant nudging to conform to His life. He is still at work.
When we invite Jesus into our hearts, He moves in—and He does not timidly co-exist with our sin. He is a ruthless warrior, and He goes on a loving rampage until every area of our rebellious hearts have been conquered. He slays our pride, kills our greed and shows no mercy to any sinful behavior that has controlled and held us captive. Remember that He came that we might be free. Your choice is to cooperate with this process, or to drag it out longer than necessary because you don’t want Him to meddle with your private life.

“Return, faithless Israel,” declares the Lord, “I will frown on you no longer, for I am merciful. … I will not be angry forever. Only acknowledge your guilt—you have rebelled against the Lord your God, you have scattered your favors to foreign gods under every spreading tree, and have not obeyed me,” declares the Lord.

—Jeremiah 3:12-13

Hell is a true reality. And we experience real loss in our spiritual lives and in the fullness of our earthly ministry by not fully responding to the Holy Spirit during revival. Shame and embarrassment lead to genuine pain when sin is exposed. All these arguments have their place. There is a time to warn people of hell or to warn them that they may lose out and be disqualified in terms of their earthly mandate and ministry. There is a time to exhort people to leave their ungodly ways because of the public and private humiliation they will taste if they don’t. Yet the primary and most effective method is the way that the Lord Himself spoke through the prophet Jeremiah. The Lord is crying out “Return! Return!” to the backslidden children who have found their pleasures elsewhere. He is calling to the redeemed who have lost their way and whose hearts have grown cold. He is ready to “wow” them with a revelation of His heart that will cause true holiness to spring up like a geyser from within their spirits.

Below are some attitudes God wants to change in all of us. Bad attitudes can keep us out of our promised land, ask Moses why he was called into ministerial work at eighty years old, instead of forty years old, ask the Children of Israel why they perambulated for forty years in the wilderness for a journey of forty days.

These attitudes can hinder God’s work in our lives. They can quench the Holy Spirit. If you have not yielded these attitudes to Him, let the Holy Spirit move in and begin the process of demolition.

1. Stubbornness – Some Christians approach God with hands joyfully upraised; others keep their arms defiantly crossed. Is your daily prayer: “Not my will, but Yours be done”? Or do you place strict conditions on your obedience? God wants surrender. Don’t be a stubborn foot-dragger or a Jonah who runs when God calls you. Some believers may started out with a carefree heart of surrender, but they grew cautious and doubtful when things didn’t work out the way they expected. Quit sulking. Get back in the game, take off your parking brake and move forward with Him.

2. Negativity – Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, but you would never know this when you are around certain Christians. They never learned to rejoice in the hard times. They never see the silver lining around any cloud. They always expect the worst. Their faith is extinguished by fear and doubt. Jesus died on the cross so we could experience unspeakable joy. If you have carried around a heavy blanket of sadness all your life, let God exchange it for a garment of praise Isaiah 61:3.

3. Self-centeredness –The essence of sin is selfishness (stealing, adultery, fornication, idolatry, murmuring, hatred, backbiting, covetousness, it is all about the sinner), but this attitude should not characterize Spirit-filled Christians. When we are baptized, we become a part of the church and we learn to love each other, serve each other and esteem each other higher than ourselves. We no longer have permission to be isolated loners. The Holy Spirit teaches us to say: “It’s not about me.” Quit viewing life through your own needs. Learn to put others first.

4. Woundedness – We’ve all been hurt. But real success in life is determined not by our circumstances but by how we face them. God calls us to forgive, no matter how much pain we endured when we were betrayed, disrespected, violated or overlooked. God wants to wipe away your tears, but He can’t heal you if you hate the people who hurt you. Forgiveness is a choice, not a feeling. Don’t wait until you have a warm, fuzzy feeling for your enemy. Make the decision to love anyway, and the feelings will come later.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>5. Fault-finding – Philippians 2:14 commands us: “Do all things without murmuring and disputing” (MEV). The world cannot be changed by murmurings, but by people who have been transformed by Christ. Don’t join the tragic chorus of small-minded. Be an encourager instead. In the midst of murmurings, annoyance, depression, David encourage himself in the Lord His God 1Samuel 30:6.
God wants holiness. But some of us don’t realize that we can’t have true holiness until we surrender attitudes that are contrary to His nature. It’s not enough just to let go of sinful behaviors. He wants you to be like Jesus inside and out. He wants truth in the inner parts. Let Him take a sledgehammer to your bad attitudes. Be blessed.


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