4 YEARS ON… When Will The SCOAN Victims Get Justice?




Exactly 3 month after Fatai Balogun alias T.B. Joshua celebrated his birthday on 12th of June, 2014, 4 years ago today, over 115 gullible, vulnerable and naive people from different countries and other undocumented Nigerians who visited The  Synagogue ‘Church’ of all Nations, Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria in desperate need of succour, healing and encounter with God died violently when a building suddenly collapsed completely to the ground on top of them. Countless others got life changing injuries, some can never use their legs to walk again after the gruesome experience and others can never use their arms to embrace their loved ones again. Though, that incident was not new in the demonic Synagogue of T.B. Joshua, insiders in the Synagogue know very much how occasional incident like this had taken lives of people in gruesome manner, but the 12th September, 2014 incident could not be covered up like others, and it has entered into the record of Wilkipedia for generations unborn to read and be wiser. If any of the victims were member of your household or your family breadwinner, what would you do?


After much denial, in July 2015, the coroner released his report – proving that the building that collapsed was inevitable due to a litany of serious structural failings, for example:

1) Inadequate beams of 750mm by 225mm (should have been 900mm by 300mm)

collapsed-e1505731766193 4 YEARS ON... When Will The SCOAN Victims Get Justice?
2) Inadequately reinforced columns (should have been reinforced with 12 x Y25 bars or 20 x Y20mm bars. Instead they used 10 x Y20 bars (as seen in the video released by SCOAN).
3) Inadequate bearing pressure for the central column due to the 2m x 2m x 0.9m foundations.

scona 4 YEARS ON... When Will The SCOAN Victims Get Justice?
Unbraced Structure with intention to kill People

4) Failure to introduce rigid zones for bracing the structure and did not design the frames as an unbraced structure.
5) Failure to provide movement joints that could have absorbed any movement due to creep, contraction, expansion and differential settlement etc..
6) 8 out of the 12 main beams of the structure failed because they were undersized, under-reinforced (both in tension and shear), the tension bars were poorly anchored to the column supports and 8 x Y20 was used instead of 14 x Y20.
7) The ground floor columns were slender and readily gave in to buckling.
The coroner Oyetade Komolafe ruled that SCOAN were criminally negligent, and should be investigated and prosecuted, “The ‘church’ was culpable because of criminal negligence resulting in the death of the victims” (Source: BBC).

In April 2016, after many attempts by SCOAN to disrupt or stall the court proceedings, charges were finally read. The charges are “failure to obtain building approval contrary to Section 75 of the Urban and Regional Planning Law of Lagos State 2010 and involuntary manslaughter causing death contrary to Section 222 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2011“. In June 2016, the trial started, but after a couple of days it went silent without conclusion. SCOAN have not been cleared of the charges, but nor have they been found guilty – the whole case has gone silent.

Where is the justice for the many families who have lost loved ones, or those whose lives will never be the same again due to their horrific injuries? We belief Lagos State Government can do better than this – by showing authority, exhibiting passion to defend the defenseless, and bring this case to a tangible conclusion. Even if you are a SCOAN supporter, surely you can agree with us that it is not in SCOAN’s favor to have this unconcluded criminal investigation over their head? Reports show that visitors to SCOAN has reduced by up to 90%. Either SCOAN is guilty and should face the consequences of their lethal actions, or they should have their name cleared. This limbo situation is in nobodies favor (except SCOAN, if they know they are guilty).

 What more could prove that this charlatan, con-artist called T.B. Joshua has become an embarrassment to Nigeria, and he is a dangerous false prophet than him not been able to see the collapse of his own building which killed over 115 gullible foreigners. He is always very quick to put out over edited videos and Photoshop pictures, purporting to have predicted many disaster happening around the world to look relevant, but right in his compound he could not predict to avert those that add up to the number of people that perished in his own house. You will see that T.B. Joshua is a psychopath with zero empathy for the victims of tragedies as he releases fulfillment of false videos to corroborates lies with edited videos.


Now, read this: This is neither an allegation, nor speculation. As someone who once lived in the Synagogue for over a decade, and worked in various departments in leadership capacity closely to the direct source (T.B. Joshua), I know some deeper things about T. B. Joshua and his Synagogue. There are two major reasons that points to the collapsed of the Synagogue, I can not be wrong on both ways.

  • 1. Fatai Balogun alias T.B. Joshua, a con-artist, occult grand-master, Islamic Mualim used the people for spiritual sacrifice with the aim to gain more devilish power in the evil realm. He has been doing it before now where people mysteriously dies in the Synagogue; workers die, members die, his ‘disciples’ dies and they are smuggled out of the Synagogue to be buried secretly, but the incident of 12th September, 2014 was too huge to be covered by T. B. Joshua and his agents. Since the time I left the Synagogue in February 8th, 2008, for over 6 years later to 2014, Joshua had not been able to travel outside the shores of Nigeria for his usual scam crusades; but shortly after the collapsed, T. B. Joshua went to Mexico to display falsehood, this is not side talk, anyone can check the record on Google.
    Never in the history of the Church of the living God has the Children of God suffer such disaster in the hands of a satanic agent like T.B. Joshua. The more reason people should know their Creator and serve Him devotedly without running to any prayer arrangers, especially places like the Synagogue ‘church’. The Synagogue is not a Church of Jesus Christ, and T.B. Joshua is not a Christian. You can never tell when T.B. Joshua’s demons wants to strike to drink Blood and unleash mayhem on the innocents. No one knows the days they are thirsty for human blood, it can be in the least expected time even aside animal sacrifices which T.B. Joshua carried out periodically to share for people to eat, I have witnessed how people died suddenly and their deaths were covered up in terrifying secrecy inside the Synagogue. We are not here to magnify satan, but it is an open secret in the Synagogue that T.B. Joshua has demons, disembodied spirits at his beck and call, which he sends on errands to affects and wreck havocs in the lives of those who are not standing firm in the Lord. Our Lord said if it were possible, even the very elect, satan want to pluck them MATTHEW 24:24.  We should know that life is a battle-ground, we shall all engage in one battle or another. In this battle of life, some shall be devoured, and there are some that cannot be devoured. DANIEL 11:32-33 says, “Those who do wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits. 33And those of the people who understand shall instruct many; yet for many days they shall fall by sword and flame, by captivity and plundering.” I appeal to the people of God to stop living carelessly in carnality, the food of satan is dust, if you don’t live in the Spirit, you may become food for satan. Anyone who lives in the flesh (dust) is a candidate to be devoured by the devil and its agents 1PETER 5:8. God does not shift base; we are the ones that experiences God in dimensions, this is the reason the Scripture enjoins us to “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you” JAMES 4:8.

Now, Joshua has done his evil work, the dead are gone and he belief that the whole noise of prosecuting him by the government of Nigeria would soon die down. He always boosts that whenever things of this nature happens to him, it is for a higher height and promotion. The question is: must T.B. Joshua continue to kill for more evil power at the detriment of the innocents? We pray that this will not continue; every individual who thinks they are untouchable even in the extreme instances of causing pain, calamity, and so many deaths shall face reprisal from God. T.B. Joshua belongs to different occult society with some top Nigerian government officials who returns favor to each other in time of trouble, but God will expose you all.

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  • 2. I know how T.B. Joshua reasons in regards to building structures in the Synagogue. T.B. Joshua is a desperado who is trying to buy as much land that is adjacent to the Synagogue area because in figment of his mind, he want to overrun  churches like The Redeemed Christian Church of God, and the Living Faith Church. So he use people to front for him to buy various lands around the Synagogue environs, because the land owners would not sell their properties directly to him because they know who he truly is, and after buying such land through agents, he will quickly build ramshackle structures on them in the name of expansion without government approval or building expert. These can be corroborated by some ‘ex disciples’ who have gained their sanity back after leaving the dungeon called the Synagogue. People like Paul Agomoh, Linda, Kazeem, Lola, Bisola (myself), Ogra, Falusi, Baba Amala and many other people that I cannot remember their names now are the ‘Job men’ which T.B. Joshua would use to supervise laborers. The people aforementioned know nothing about building constructions. I was a banker before I got to the Synagogue, Baba Amala was a printer, Linda was a beautician, Ogra was an artist, Lola was a teacher, Paul was into Publishing/song writing, and others as well were into various trades, but we were converted to builders without any fundamental training.  (Excerpts from ‘THE T.B. JOSHUA I KNOW…Deception Of The Age Unmasked’)

We need to keep the families of the departed in our prayers to be strong, and continue to use this sad occurrence as deterrents to others who are in habits of looking for spiritual arrangers and false prophets. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. Let’s share this until it get to the attention of relevant authorities.

May the dead rest in peace!


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